Genevieve Swift

Interview for Talkback TV (Australia)

What is/was your most defining moment/formative experience?

 Coming to Australia to live and work. It isn't the first time I have travelled on my own and I have travelled a lot but I was terrified of going so far on my own but the fact that I did it and survived I believe gave me the self belief to do many more adventurous things. I love Australia.

 Tell us a little known fact about yourself?

 Have you ever done/achieved anything remarkable?

Most ashamed of throwing "dogpoo" snowballs at my neighbour.


Most proud of setting up my own theatre Company.

 What in your life are you most proud and most ashamed of?

 My Godfather is Matthew Corbett (Sooty Man)

 What were your childhood aspirations?

I overcame a life threatening childhood illness, which should

have left me brain damaged and went on to graduate from

Cambridge University.

 I have always wanted to be an actor

I am a committed, focused but friendly person eager to put others at their ease and see the silver lining behind every cloud. I am unique because there aren't many of us optimists out there and I am the only one I know who can cross all of her fingers on top of each other.

Who are YOU & what makes you unique?