Genevieve Swift

Genevieve Swift CV

I am an english actress and director. I also get involved in the creative side of things as a writer and in the past did some modeling work. I originally trained as a teacher and I still work with children a lot with my company Theatre Without Walls. When i'm not running community projects i'm on stage or on the telly presenting something on the BBC or as an odd character on a drama series.


Most of my work is on stage-I like the buzz I get from theatre work and the opportunity to really get to grips with a character. Television is very different from the theatre but fun too and a different kind of challenge. I also do a bit of model work and as with acting it's often long hours, but I get my hair and makeup done by genius people!


One of the most fun shoots I ever did was for a Status Quo Video on an airfield just up the road from where I live. You get to meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life in this job. I get to dress up a lot which is fun too. It's such a luxury doing what I do, one day I may be getting dolled up in a 1950's dress with a huge beehive hairdo and mad makeup and another i'm done up Jane Austin style- I prefer the 50's because women then were allowed to have curves then. When you have a corset on it's an effort just to breathe!

A brief autobiography:

(edited from a BBC interview)

I am a bit of a country girl and grew up in a small village in the Cotswolds. I stay there when I can- Cheltenham is only twenty minutes away and Bristol is half an hour away so when I get tired of the cows, country pubs, peace and quiet there isn't too far to go.  When I'm working in London I'm very lucky to be able to stay with family. I love Belfast where my husband grew up and have been based here for at least some of the year for the last few years.


I like to travel. I've been to lots of beautiful places and I've lived in Australia and in Bahrain. I love France especially my grandparents house in the perigord. I think I could live there quite happily. I could also easily live in Andalucia. If you haven't been-go in the early spring and smell the orange blossom. It's unforgettable.


What else can I say about me? I like baking, going for long walks and seeing my friends. We are all so spread out these days! One of the good things about touring is that it allows me to catch up with friends and family all over the country. My two oldest friends both live quite far apart-one lives in Wales ( I get to see him a lot lately as he is in 'valleywood'-there are lots of television programmes and films shot there now).